The Magical Toolkit For CCG Players

Localization Resources

MWS can be translated to any languages. In this section you can download your native language resources.

If you cannot find your native language, you can try to translate MWS by yourself and send to us your work for publishing.

Download your localization archive and unzip all files in "Languages" directory in MWS folder

Finished translations
Brazilian Portuguese (Translator: Mandark, Oxitu) MWS 0.94 22 Sep 2003 Download
Czech (Translator: Martin Podlaha) MWS 0.94 3 Aug 2003 Download
Dutch (Translator: Bert Van Hoofstat) MWS 0.94 14 Feb 2004 Download
English /built-in/ (Translator: DaDemon) MWS 0.94 2 Jul 2003 Download
French (Translator: GlooTeam) MWS 0.94D 25 Jul 2004 Download
German (Translator: Dirk Bornhold) MWS 0.94 6 Sep 2003 Download
Indonesian (Translator: Wibowo Arindrarto) MWS 0.94 1 Aug 2003 Download
Italian (Translator: David Ciprian) MWS 0.94 5 Sep 2003 Download
Polish (Translator: Szeszej) MWS 0.94 6 Oct 2003 Download
Portuguese (Translator: Mario Martins) MWS 0.94 30 Aug 2003 Download
Ukrainian (Translator: Arcanis) MWS 0.94 13 Aug 2003 Download
Russian (Translator: Magi-Soft Development) MWS 0.94 30 Jul 2003 Download
Simplified Chinese (Translator: BigGates) MWS 0.94 2 Aug 2003 Download
Spanish (Translator: Jose Miguel Andaluz) MWS 0.94 31 Jul 2003 Download

If you want to translate MWS to your native language, send request to: